The New TriniFreelance

The New TriniFreelance is packed with many new features too many to mention.
Here are just a few worth mentioning.


Add Services as Gigs

Freelancers/Sellers are now able to create service listings, referred to as “Gigs,” much like the functionality found on Fiverr.


Sellers have the flexibility to create their own packages as needed to enhance their sales.

Email Notifications

When a seller is awarded a project, they will receive a notification from the buyer, and vice versa.


Freelancers and buyers can follow each other to facilitate future conversations and remember their interactions.


Occasionally, you may want to bookmark or make a note of a particular project or service for future reference and potential purchase.

Messaging (Chat)

Users have the capability to engage in private chat or messaging with each other.

Frontend Dashboard

Both buyers and sellers have access to separate, robust dashboards that provide project statistics, including the ability to view the count of project views.

User Verification

By submitting relevant documents, users can now become verified, entirely free.

Verified Badge

If a user’s submitted documents are verified and found to be correct, they will receive a verified badge on their profile.

Legacy Users

In order to enable these fantastic new features, transferring all data from the previous version of TriniFreelance to the upgraded and more robust Trinifreelance wasn’t feasible. Only your username and password were migrated. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you’re having issues or problems logging in with your account from the previous version, do contact Support to help resolve the issue.