Protecting Your Privacy

At TriniFreelance, your privacy is our top priority. We believe in full transparency and are committed to ensuring your data remains private and secure. Unlike many other platforms, we do not engage in any form of data tracking.

Open-Source Platform

TriniFreelance is an open-source platform. This means that our code is open to the public for review and scrutiny. We believe in full transparency, and our open-source approach ensures that our commitment to your privacy is backed by solid, community-driven principles.

Your privacy matters, and at TriniFreelance, we’re working tirelessly to keep your data secure, your identity anonymous, and your experience enjoyable. Join us today and experience a new level of trust in the freelance world.

Anonymous Information

When you use TriniFreelance, you can trust that your information remains completely anonymous. We don’t collect or store any sensitive or personal data. Your privacy is paramount to us, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards to protect it.

Safe Analytics with Google

To enhance your experience on our platform, we use Google Analytics. Rest assured, Google Analytics is a trusted tool that doesn’t store any sensitive or personal information. It helps us understand how you use our platform so we can continue to improve your experience.