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The New TriniFreelance

At TriniFreelance, we’ve set our sights on the world stage, and that’s why our currency of choice is the US Dollar (USD), rather than the Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD), despite being a Trinidad-based platform. We’re not just local; we’re internationally recognised.

Our primary payment processor, PayPal, shares our global vision. It does not validate TTD currency. Therefore, to ensure seamless transactions and cater to a worldwide audience, we’ve adopted the USD as our default currency.

This strategic decision makes TriniFreelance the perfect platform for freelancers and clients worldwide. So whether you’re a freelancer looking to expand your horizons or a client seeking talent from across the globe, TriniFreelance has you covered, with the universally accepted USD currency facilitating effortless transactions. Join us today and be part of our global community!

See Forbes currency converter, to convert United States Dollar (USD) To Trinidad & Tobago Dollar (TTD)

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If you’re having issues with your wallet deposits or transactions, do contact Support to help resolve the issue.