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Posted on July 29, 2020


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To Web designer

I am interested in getting a website designed & set up for the church I attend.  I need to find out the cost in order to present the idea to them.  I cannot present the idea without an idea of the cost.  I would therefore like to know the cost.  I am thinking of the following structure:

1. A home page containing A) a welcome banner and  B)  a scrolling band/section with pictures of the church and members/activities

2. A page giving a profile of the pastor 

3. A page giving news probably a scrolling banner as well of activities going on at the church

4. A page giving information on the different departments of the church and what they do

5. An about us page 

6, A contact us page

This is only my proposal and hence I would like to know the cost as well as alternate cost if 1 or 2 other pages should be added or 1 or 2 pages removed. 

I would also like to get a cost for hosting the site please.


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