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  • Rohit Prabhudass

    Logo Designer

    4 years experience 0 projects worked on trinifreelance 80.00TT/hr 0TT earned

    Together we can create a logo that is truly unique and reflects the values of your business.

  • Jonathan Williams

    Graphic Designer/Sound Engineer

    7 years experience 0 projects worked on trinifreelance 300.00TT/hr 0TT earned

    Over 5 Years experience in the creative & advertising industry. I have worked on many different creative projects for many large companies such as : DirecTV, Kiss Baking Co., Nestle, Fantasy Carnival, Entice Carnival & Tribe. I’ve also worked outside of the corporate market designing flyers for major Carnival Fetes and The most popular nightclubs in Trinidad & Tobago. I’ve been involved with creating content for  restaurants and alcohol companies, most noteably Angostura.  Working in both radio and graphics, my…

  • Sinead Stewart

    Graphic Designer

    5 years experience 0 projects worked on trinifreelance 0TT earned

    Hello! I create flyers, invitations, business cards, social media ads and more. I am an experienced user of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher and can convert your documents to these file types.

    I am always happy to help so let me know how my skills are best suited to you.


    Administrative, HR, Business Management & Entrepreneurship Professional - Qualified, Experienced & Competent

    9 years experience 0 projects worked on trinifreelance 22.00TT/hr 0TT earned

    With over 9 years experience working with public entities, private companies and NGOs regionally and locally, several of which were spent directly reporting to Senior Management and aligning Management’s approach in a strategic way to maximise value for all stakeholders. I focus on finishing projects ahead of deadlines and pride myself and work on quality, consistency, enhancing value and providing confidentiality. My commensurate qualifications allow me to diversify my skill set and be versed in an array…

  • Brandon Hilton-Clarke

    Digital Artist

    4 years experience 0 projects worked on trinifreelance 0TT earned

    For more information about me, click the link below to see my website.


  • Nicole St John

    Freelance writer/editor & social media management

    15 years experience 0 projects worked on trinifreelance 40.00TT/hr 0TT earned

    I am a writer with experience in the field of Journalism. I also write poetry, short stories and plays and I recently completed my first novel. 

    I also do social media management for small businesses. 

  • G Luke

    Change Agent : Financial and Process remediation

    25 years experience 0 projects worked on trinifreelance 100.00TT/hr 0TT earned

    solid demonstrated skills in problem solving, idea generation and implementation

  • Dionese Sylvester

    Independent/Freelance Communications Specialist

    10 years experience 0 projects worked on trinifreelance 50.00TT/hr 0TT earned

    Experienced Communications specialist adequately utilizing effective methods of organization, planning, and presentation through operative Communication strategies.

  • Theanna Alleyne

    Jane of All Trades

    6 years experience 0 projects worked on trinifreelance 20.00TT/hr 0TT earned

    Hello I’m Thea, your friendly neighborhood problem solver. I have a combined six years of experience in administrative, design, data entry and research roles.  I have also worked in a variety of companies including restaurants, schools and doctor’s offices.   I have also sharpened my project coordination and logistics skills in completing projects while working with different organizations.  Overall, I value customer service and efficiency. 

    If you are interested in us working together to achieve your goals, please feel free to…

  • Savion Burke


    0 years experience 0 projects worked on trinifreelance 0TT earned

    Although I have listed my years of experience in the highlighted areas as zero (0) this refers to my official/professional experience. I have however, extensive personal experience with all the areas highlighted. I have helped friends and family in creating names for projects, events, business ventures and even slogans to match. Relying on my creativity and ability to capture the purpose, plan and people behind any of these, I’ve been able to create…

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